The University of Texas at Austin

Welcome to Resnet!

Resnet (Residence Hall Network) is a network that brings both wired Ethernet and encrypted wireless connectivity to the residence halls at the University of Texas at Austin. This service connects to the campus network, as well as to the Internet.

Resnet service is supported by subscriber fees that cover the cost of Internet bandwidth, operating the network, and installation and maintenance of networking equipment in the residence halls.


  • Wired and wireless access to the campus network and the Internet from your dorm room
    • Wired ports are gigabit
    • WiFi is 802.11ac
  • Multiple service plans, tiered to match how you use the Internet


The cost of your Resnet subscription depends on which tier of service you choose. Subscription Level 1 is already included in your housing room rate. If you need a higher level, you can upgrade your subscription.

Academic Year 2016-2017 and Summer 2017
Subscription Level Data Allocation/Week Cost


10 Gigabytes

Included in room rate


50 Gigabytes



200 Gigabytes



1 Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes)


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